You can speed up an old iPhone or iPad

Does it take your iPad ages to play your favorite videos? Does your iPhone’s Web browser crawl through the Internet? The odds are that your iPad or iPhone are old. When these products get outdated, they get sluggish. The good news? You don’t need to spend the big bucks on a new iPhone or iPad. Instead, you can take some simple steps to boost the speed of your slow devices. Lifehacker writer Whitson Gordon recently offered some tips.

No More Upgrades

It’s commendable that you’d like to stay updated on the latest offerings from Apple. But downloading that latest version of iOS might make your iPad or iPhone even slower. Simply put, the newest operating systems and upgrades are often too cumbersome for older devices. Refuse the updates until you buy a newer iPhone or iPad.

Avoid Third-Party Apps

The more you depend on Apple’s own apps — say, by using Safari rather than Firefox to browse the Web — the faster your phone or iPad will function. Apple’s own apps are built to run faster on your iPad and iPhone.

Freeing up Storage

Finally, if your iPhone or iPad is too slow, it’s time to take a close look at the music, videos and apps you have stored on your device. Whitson suggests erasing any apps, programs or music files that you rarely access. A bit of pruning from you could inject new life into your sluggish device.

Posted on: 08.29.14