You can still work with a slow connection

Vacation isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes you must work. But if you’re stuck at a hotel or resort which has a sluggish Internet connection, this could be difficult. Luckily for us, the Lifehacker Web site delivers some easy tips for working with a lethargic Internet connection.

Disabling is key

Sometimes, plugins and apps hog your bandwidth. Turn off these features. You can even try installing such programs as AdBlock Plus or FlashBlock. Lifehacker states that these programs can block bandwidth-hogging ads and videos.

Change your habits

When you’re experiencing a slow Internet connection, it’s time to adjust your surfing habits. Go to the mobile versions of Web sites. Disable all images. And never try to watch streaming video or download TV shows or movies.

Change the way you work

Lifehacker suggests, too, that you reconsider the way you work. If you are working with a slow connection, handle those jobs that don’t require a lot of bandwidth, like sending Word documents to co-workers or answering e-mails. Save the more bandwidth-intensive jobs – for example editing photos and downloading videos to Web sites – for those moments when your Internet speed isn’t as sluggish.

Posted on: 06.06.14