You need these business apps

Apps aren’t just for fun and games. There are plenty of productivity apps offered to help you grow your business, as well. And the Orlando Business Journal a short while ago ran a story showcasing some of the best of these apps. Here, then, are three apps that most small business owners — including you — should download today.

Business on the go

Does your business run several kiosks? Perhaps you operate food trucks across your market? Any business that operates mobile locations will benefit from the Square Register app. This app allows you to accept debit-card and credit-card payments from customers just by swiping their cards through a small square device that connects to your smartphone or tablet. It’s required, as the Orlando Business Journal writes, for companies that conduct a lot of their business on the go.


The CamCard app helps business owners scan business cards into their smartphones. The app then automatically places the business card into these owners’ phone contacts. It’s a pretty amazing way to eliminate the clutter of drawers filled with business cards. This app isn’t free, but it’s only $2.99.

No more scheduling snafus

Business owners who want to make sure that all employees understand what tasks have to be done in a given day should download the free Asana Mobile app. As the Orlando Business Journal affirms, this app allows managers to create personal task lists that employees can also open. This allows staffers to understand exactly what tasks are currently being done and the ones that should be scheduled.

Posted on: 03.07.14